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Soy Fusion Technology

As a roof ages, the petrochemical oils dry out and the shingles' waterproofing asphalt becomes increasingly brittle. Much like a pot hole in the road expansion and contraction of the shingle cause it to slowly break apart. 
Roof Maxx is a powerful scientifically-formulated all-natural treatment that is 100% people, pet, property, and environmentally safe.
Soy Fusion technology allows millions of micro-beads of soy methyl esters to quickly penetrate aged roof shingles. Like skin moisurizer for your roof, it restore flexibility within 72 hours, allowing the roof to freely expand and contract.


Here What the Best are Saying

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Jerry Linkhorn of Linkorn Inspection Group chooses RoofMaxx for his personal residence and frequently recommends RoofMaxx to his client. See his testimonial below.

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